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 Psion Prime

An Omni Level Creation!



Power, Flexibility and Control




The Psion Prime is an incredible multifunctional creation. Its Raw Power is astounding. With the Psion Prime, the establishment of new realities is easily achieved!


Empower yourself to do and become exactly as your intent dictates!  Limits are shattered with the Psion Prime!


The Psion Prime is a power house! It cuts through what we at Protonic Creations call "obstacle energies" and assists you in bringing forth new realities into your Life.


With The Psion Prime, you will become a Force of Power for change and creation. Make things happen the way you want them to happen!


Multifunctional Full Spectrum Energetic Empowerment is the best way to describe the Psion Prime!  It is a high powered, portable Full Spectrum Life Force Energy Beamer -  Amplifier / Resonator of your chosen energy signatures and your intent.






The Psion Prime's housing undergoes an intensive regimen of energetic processes which profoundly affects its structure at the subatomic level; permanently reconfiguring the energy pattern which the housing was originally composed of. This is achieved via our Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process


The Psion Prime's housing is by itself an instrument of power which constantly exudes High Level Energies into your personal etheric atmosphere.


The Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process which the Psion Prime's housing undergoes, is just one of the many significant differences that makes a Protonic Creations instrument of power truly one-of-a-kind!


The Psion Prime features our proprietary Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation  Full Spectrum Orgone encompasses the Full Range of Life Force!  The secret to the Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation is in the energetic synergy between the unique combination of specially treated elements used and the new proprietary processes employed. The Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation contained within The Psion Prime is a major advancement in the field of Orgone / Life Force Generating technology.





Purify and Balance your Home with Life Affirming Energies!


Mentally visualize your entire home and property empowered with Life Affirming Energies and just set the Psion Prime down anywhere in your home. You can also hang your Psion Prime in the room of your choice or at the center of your home.



Create an Empowered Sacred Space!


We live in a world where there never seems to be enough time and privacy is a dwindling commodity. Even in our homes we constantly energetically compete with aura draining waves from cell phones, computer monitors, TVs, microwave ovens and other such modern devices as well as "carry over" negativity from the work place or even from neighbors.


Now more than ever before, we need an empowered protective Sacred Space! Whether for purposes of conducting a ritual, meditation, or a psionic/radionic operation, a Sacred Space is vital.


When creating your Sacred Space with the Psion Prime, the following occurs:


A powerful energy field is erected around the area you have chosen, then Full Spectrum Life Force is automatically directed inward within the established field! A good way to visualize this is by imagining that you are within a sun, only the energy is being radiated inward empowering and protecting you and the entire area you have chosen for your Sacred Space.


Absolutely no energy of a negative or limiting nature can interfere with whatever you do within your created Sacred Space!


*** Your Sacred Space can be anywhere you choose and can be totally mobile!  You can interact with others without anyone knowing what you are doing.





Your very own Place of Power! 


In essence, you are creating a self - contained Full Spectrum Life Force Energy Field. From within this self - contained field, you can psionically materialize third dimensional realities for yourself and others through your focused intent.  This will be your very own Place of Power! 


Your Sacred Space will shield and empower you whether you choose to meditate, manifest or energize yourself with Full Spectrum Life Force Energy!


The Psion Pime is imbued with specific Energetic Infusion Encoding which creates constant fields around you or the person(s) of your choice -  what's more, these fields can be further modified - simply place a representational link of your choice within the Psion Prime.


{A representational link is any small object which represents the energy signature or intent you wish to use to modify the Full Spectrum Life Force emanating from your Psion Prime}


We Encode the Psion Prime with Sacred Geometry (energetic shape structures) / Colors / Frequencies / Vibrational Essences and Energies / and other proprietary programming via our Energetic Infusion Encoding Process  In addition, the Psion Prime contains energetic encoding which is distinct to any other Protonic Creation.  


Use the Psion Prime's high powered portable beamer function to rapidly clear and balance your energy vortex centers (chakras) or those of others.  Realign chaotic energies within your auric system! 





Powerfully transmit intent-filled thoughtforms to individuals of your choice or just send Vital Full Spectrum Life Force to empower them on all levels. Limits are shattered with the Psion Prime!


The high level Full Spectrum Life Force energies are yours to direct any way you chose. Now you can make things happen the way you want them to happen!


This ultra energetic creation can be used with a cord or chain for higher level portable personal empowerment or use the Psion Prime as a Sacred Space power source and home energizer/purifier where one or more can benefit!


* A detailed instruction guide is included with your purchase of the Psion Prime.






                                                           Samples of our Client Testimonials



 - I purchased the Psion Prime recently and I must tell you, within a couple of weeks of using

    it, I went to the casino to play the quarter slots and after inserting six quarters (3X2),     

    I won about $2500.00! Also since then, we've bought a wonderful new house

    THE EXACT ONE my husband had wanted for a while! Anyway, lots of good things

    happened after I started using it. I really love my Psion Prime!


I am very happy with this product: a work of genius at an affordable
    price! Its clearing of negativity and imbuing of energy is marvelous!
    I use it at work and it maintains my energy and clarity.
 - The Prime is top notch, I've never felt so protected!
 - I use my Psion Prime in my reiki work and I have found it to be the best tool I have ever
    come across.The energy it puts out is really remarkable! I have used my Psion Prime with
    everything from meditation to my daily yoga with really awesome results!   



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