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The Pronamicron

Implosive Power At Your Command!

Fully Contained Energized Life Force Vortex







A Singularly Unique Protonic Creation!


The Pronamicron (pronounced Pro-nah-mih-cron) represents a totally new configuration utilizing the incredible power of Full Spectrum Orgone Energy! The Pronamicron features a specially designed structure and new energetic encoding.


Its highly unique construction and vastly energized and encoded elongated exterior creates an immensley powerful, fully contained vortex of sheer Implosive Life Force. The advanced Energetic Infusion Encoding makes this phenomenal torrent of vortexed Full Spectrum Orgone Energy completely yours to command!



Use the power of this Continuous Energetic Implosive Life Force Vortex to transform your life!



The Pronamicron is so intensely powerful, it literally grants you the ability to dissolve the etheric bonds which provide the infrastructure for the events, experiences and situations of your life!  This allows you the unique ability to restructure your life, event by event, through a highly energetic process involving your conscious focus, specific etheric instructions imbedded into the Pronamicron and deep interaction with Full Spectrum Orgone Energy.


The Pronamicron, like our other creations, operates through the energetic mechanism we have termed SEOR (Simultaneous Energetic Occurrence via Resonance).


SEOR in essence, is the explanation for how all psychic and metaphysical phenomena occurs!








SEOR (Simultaneous Energetic Occurrence via Resonance) takes place when two or more similars are energetically linked through focused intent and the utilization of Full Spectrum Life Force (Full Spectrum Orgone Energy).


The use of either a thoughtform or physical representation of your chosen person, place or situation - while employing Full Spectrum Life Force as a power source and carrier is the core of how materialization occurs within The Pronamicron.


Your thoughtform or physical representation (such as a piece of paper with your wish written on it or a small crystal piece charged with your intent) becomes an energetic "similar" to your chosen person, goal or desire thereby powerfully linking to it.


Full Spectrum Life Force not only makes this energetic link possible but powers the entire process including providing the necessary Encoded Psychic Energy to create rapid materialization of your intent!








For truly rapid and phenomenally powerful manifestation just place your thoughtform or physical representation into the Pronamicron, close the Pronamicron and let it work for you!










The Pronamicron works through Implosive Vortexed Full Spectrum Power it is not a projector of energies like our other creations.


Instead, the Pronamicron focuses all of its Full Spectrum Vortexed Energy INWARD. The Pronamicron's elongated housing is imbued with special Energetic Encoding (energetic programming) which works in concert with the Vortexed Full Spectrum Life Force it generates thereby containing, concentrating, and magnifying the energies within itself!


The Pronamicron "feeds" that which you have placed within it. With the Pronamicron you are in essence "giving life" to the fulfillment of your desires.      This is truly a power-filled process which mimics the greatest aspects of nature itself!






* Get an edge by sending the person you are most attracted to a special mental message

         giving them an inner understanding of how you truly feel about them!


* Give yourself the upper hand in your next business venture!


* Surround yourself with the right people and opportunities for your purposes according 

      to your greatest desires!


* Break free of your current limitations!


* Eliminate the "dark" aspects of your life!


* Enhance your personal energy with the attributes (the energetic essence) of anything

     you choose to keep within your Pronamicron!


* Energetically affect people, places and life situations!









Whatever you keep within your Pronamicron will be amplified, energetically charged and magnified for your purposes.


The Pronamicron is a revolutionary instrument which will revolutionize your life!


Bring this phenomenal Creation into your life and get ready for real changes and remarkable empowerment!


* A detailed instruction guide is included with your purchase of The Pronamicron.





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