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The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter™

Full Spectrum Orgone Energy Generator™

Powerful Compact Personal Beamer

Wearable "take it with you" Power Source

Life Force Intensifier







With its highly energized unique brass housing, one-of-a-kind Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation and Energetic Infusion Encoding, The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter™  is literally Alive and Pulsating with Full Spectrum Life Force.


Full Spectrum Life Force™ is the energy responsible for metaphysical phenomena, manifestation and miracles!


The Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation™ was discovered as a result of extensive collaborative research conducted at Protonic Creations and can not be found anywhere else.


The secret to the Full Spectrum Orgone (FSO) Generating Formulation™ is in the energetic synergy between the unique combination of specially treated elements used and the new proprietary processes employed. The Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation contained within The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter is a major advancement in the field of Orgone / Life Force generating technology.


Full Spectrum Orgone encompasses the Full Range of Life Force!


With Full Spectrum Orgone generated by The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter, you are directly experiencing the Full Energetic Range of Orgone Energy therefore your results will occur faster and much more powerfully!


Results are what matter most - Full Spectrum Orgone is True Life Force which will empower you on an exponential basis!


If you want Complete Orgone Power, power which can be used to create lasting change in your life then this is your o







Within all of us there is the latent capacity for manifestation / materialization. This latent capacity can be powerfully activated and amplified.


The process of Result Creation entails triggering what we at Protonic Creations have termed the "Etheric Gate".  The "Etheric Gate" exists as part of our innate energy structure, but is seldom accessed.  Through this "gate", thought form becomes physical form.


This has been achieved in the past through group ritual where many trained individuals (sometimes hundreds) have combined their energy and their focus for a specific purpose.


This has also been achieved by select initiates throughout the ages who were able, via a direct connection with The "Universal Force", to manifest thought into the physical world.


Now, as a result of breakthrough research conducted at Protonic Creations, you can take the next step upward in your personal metaphysical ascent!


Our proprietary Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation not only provides you with a constant source of True Life Force, it is also an activator of "That which Opens The Etheric Gate Within" through which effective and powerful manifestation occurs.







The Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Emitter is energetically encoded to interact with your personal energy environment (your personal life force energy matrix) and boost it on an exponential basis. It is activated by your intent! It will powerfully respond to your will automatically.


You will be empowered unlike ever before!


This is achieved via our proprietary Energetic Infusion Encoding Process™ which, among other things, causes the Full Spectrum Orgone (FSO) to interact with your energy to purify and gradually transform your energy matrix into higher more powerful vibrational levels.


This enables you to become the very best and most powerful you can become! Reaching your personal best levels ... then ... gradually being boosted to higher and more powerful levels! This is the faster track to real growth, empowerment and achievement in all aspects of your life and affairs.


Because when you change everything changes!


Simply focus your thoughts on your Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter and direct your now vastly enhanced energies toward your personal empowerment, fulfillment of your desires and continual improvement! Think of your focused intent as the "key" that starts this Full Spectrum Orgone engine!







The FSO Emitter's brass housing is treated with an intensive regimen of energetic processes which profoundly affects its structure at the subatomic level - permanently reconfiguring the energy pattern of which the housing was originally composed. This is achieved via our Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process™ 


The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter's metallic housing is by itself an instrument of power which constantly exudes high level energies into your personal etheric atmosphere! This, combined with the Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation and Infusion Encoding creates a tremendous energetic output on all levels of your being.


These are just some of the many significant differences that makes a Protonic Creations instrument of power truly one-of-a-kind!







In a nutshell, the following explains how The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter works:



The Infused (energetically encoded) Full Spectrum Orgone™ being powerfully and continuously generated from your Emitter interacts on the deepest levels with your personal energy matrix. The encoded Full Spectrum Orgone immediately begins to purify your energy and powerfully boost your personal life force matrix.


The Psionic Full Spectrum Orgone Energy Emitter literally engulfs your "aura" (your personal energy environment) with the highest vibrational levels of pure Full Spectrum Life Force™ and transforms (steps up) your energy into those same higher and more powerful levels.



The Infusion Process entails permanently encoding our FSO Generating Formulation with energetic instructions and information. In essence, our Infusion Process is a set of instructions that "tells" the FSO formulation how to radiate and how to interact with both micro and macro environments.




We Encode Sacred Geometry (energetic shape structures) / Colors / Frequencies / Vibrational Essences and Energies / and other proprietary programming into the Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation.



The Infusion Process is beyond radionic programming and tonal frequency immersion! It is one of our unique proprietary advancements in the field of psionics and life force generating technology.


Our Energetic Infusion Encoding Process, Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation and Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process combined grants you access to metaphysical and personal power resources never before made available!


Only Protonic Creations has the proprietary Full Spectrum Orgone (FSO) Generating Formulation. And only we utilize the unique Energetic Infusion Encoding Process which is used to permanently encode the FSO formulation.


The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter incorporates energetic technology which is light years beyond anything found anywhere else! 







The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter provides you with Authentic Power!

Together with your intent, you can:



   Powerfully Manifest Your Goals



  Boost your aura to such an extent that negativity and energy of a lower 
      nature, of any kind, would have no entry point. It is like having an     
      Orgone Energy Suit of Armor



   Use the FSO Emitter to amplify and extend your inherent psychic abilities



  Create an impenetrable shield for purposes of psychic protection 


  Neutralize negative fields emitted by fluorescent
      lighting and other potentially aura draining devices



  Create an energy field of success



  Vastly enhance and energize any prayer or ritual 


  Create an aura of prosperity for yourself



  Psionically amplify sex drive in yourself or another



  Send empowering energy to anyone in the world at any time



 Provide yourself with the necessary Life Force energy to power
     any radionic process or self improvement method



  Develop increased personal power



  Achieve deep states of meditation




The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter works with your personal energy matrix and is specifically encoded and configured to be activated by and powerfully respond to your intent.  Your energy will be enhanced and will unfold on an exponential basis! 

The best way to explain this Process of Empowerment is to compare it to a chemical reaction ... the only difference is that this "reaction" is occurring on the etheric levels of your being.




*** Added Bonus Feature ***


The Psionic Full Spectrum Orgone Energy Emitter radiates omni-directionally (in all directions at once) unless otherwise directed by your intent.


As an added feature, The FSO Emitter can be used specifically as a compact beamer!  The top portion of the Emitter can be unscrewed and the Emitter can be directed by your intent to radiate only from the top portion as opposed to its normal omni-directional energy pattern.





This would be useful for anyone accustomed to using a beamer in their Radionic/Psionic operations or for those who use wands or beamers in their energy work.


Keep in mind however that The FSO Emitter radiates so powerfully that unless you choose to, you are not required to unscrew the top portion of the Emitter in order to use it as a beamer. Simply point the FSO Emitter and direct the waves of Full Spectrum Orgone Energy being constantly generated by The FSO Emitter to radiate from the top instead of its normal omni-directional energy pattern.  It's your choice! Because the FSO Emitter has been created to be directed by your intent, you have the option of using it whatever way "feels right" to you.





The Psionic Full Spectrum Orgone Energy Emitter is an incredible creation which does the work of several devices all in one! This allows you ultimate flexibility!  And in a remarkably compact "take it anywhere" form!


This is a top notch, professional level, psionic creation. The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter is created with the finest materials, substances and elements. The many processes involved in the creation of The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter are time consuming but well worth the results. It is constructed to be sturdy from start to finish and will serve you for many years.


We produce energetic creations that are unlike anything else anywhere and the results speak for themselves.


This is your opportunity to possess a truly life enhancing instrument! The power to create real change in your life and affairs is now here!


The Power of the Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter will work through you and for you!


* A detailed instruction guide is included with your purchase of the The Psionic Orgone Energy Emitter. 





Samples of Our Client Testimonials





 - WOW!  I actually feel the energy!  Your FSO Emitter is amazing!  My fiance and brother      

    love the emitters I bought for them too!


 - Brilliant product! Works as described!




 - Great Item! Well worth the money!


 - Excellent design and power!


 - First product that has ever REALLY WORKED for me!  Thank you so much!!!


 - Thanks for producing such an amazing device! I could feel the energy coming from it as

    soon as I picked up the package from my mailbox.




 - Super energy, we love it! Excellent results!




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