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This section of ProtonicCreations.com is where all supplementary information, important notices, website usage guidelines, further explanation of terms and exclusive Protonic Creations articles can be found. Our Learn More section is the "go to" information section and is easily reached using links available throughout this site.    


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Orgone Energy:  The term Orgone is synonymous with many other terms. In essence, when one speaks of Orgone, one is also speaking of Life Force, Prana, Vital Energy, Mana, Chi, Virl, Bio-Energy, Ki, Spiritual Vitality, Odic Force, Animal Magnetism, Elan Vital, BioCosmic Energy, Eloptic Energy and many other names. The particular term used is not as important as the understanding of what this energy is. Orgone is the underlying creative energy or force in nature. It is The Life Force!   


One way to think of Orgone Energy / Life Force is as a super energized cosmic fluid which can be "instructed" to literally create realities within the structure of your personal life matrix.


Orgone is both the "carrier" for information (intent) as well as the power source (energy) needed for the accomplishment of your objectives. 





Radionics and Psionics: Some will differ slightly on the exact meaning of these words. The bottom line however is that both accomplish the same thing. Radionics and Psionics are ways to cause change in an environment (in your own life or the world around you) using instruments of power. This can be accomplished remotely (at a distance) and at the speed of thought. The power source involved is Life Force (Orgone).





The Full Spectrum Orgone (FSO) Generating Formulation: When examining life in any way, one can clearly see that countless levels are involved in the "make up" of a given organism or energetic structure. As we explained previously, Orgone (Life Force) is the underlying energy responsible for creation. Yet even this Master Energy is composed of many levels.


We at Protonic Creations have discovered an important expansive vibrational aspect in Orgone which led to the creation of our proprietary Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation.


Full Spectrum Orgone encompasses the Full Range of Life Force! With Full Spectrum Orgone you are directly experiencing the Full Energetic Range of Orgone therefore your results will occur faster and much more powerfully.





The Energetic Infusion Encoding ProcessOur unique Infusion Process entails permanently encoding our Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation - or any other material with energetic instructions and information. In essence, our Infusion Process is a set of instructions that "tells" a given material how to energetically radiate and how to interact with both micro and macro environments.


We Encode Sacred Geometry (energetic shape structures) / Colors / Frequencies / Vibrational Essences and Energies / and other proprietary information into the Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation.


An important aspect of our Infusion Encoding is the powerful energetic excitation which occurs within the Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation when activated by human intent. This energetic excitation produces an even greater energetic output and makes the FSO Energy completely subject to your intent.


Our Infusion Encoding process used in conjunction with the Full Spectrum Orgone Generating Formulation grants you access to metaphysical and personal power resources never before made available! 


The Energetic Infusion Encoding Process is far beyond radionic programming and tonal frequency immersion. It is just one of our unique new proprietary advancements in the field of Psionics and Life Force generating technology.





The Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process: Within the structure of any given object, there is a distinct energy pattern. This "energetic code" is responsible for how the object will express itself and how it will function. We have developed a specialized process which enables us to modify this energetic code thereby literally changing how an object expresses itself on an energetic level.







SEOR (Simultaneous Energetic Occurrence via Resonance) takes place when two or more similars are energetically linked through focused intent and the utilization of Full Spectrum Life Force (Full Spectrum Orgone Energy).


The use of either a mental thoughtform or physical representation of your chosen person, place or situation - while employing Full Spectrum Life Force as a power source and carrier is the mechanism through which materialization occurs.


Your mental thoughtform or physical representation (such as a piece of paper with your goal written on it or a small crystal or stone piece charged with your intent) becomes an energetic "similar" to your chosen desire thereby powerfully linking to it.


Full Spectrum Life Force, generated by Protonic Creations, not only makes this energetic link possible but powers the entire process including providing the necessary Encoded Psychic Energy to create rapid materialization of your intent.





ThoughtformA thoughtform is a non physical reality, which when provided with specifically encoded continuous Life Force, gains vibratory density and materializes in your life. A fully materialized thoughtform is the fulfillment of a goal / desire.








The Dynamics of Manifestation



Manifestation is the establishment of what we at Protonic Creations call an Integrative Experiential Time / Space Overlay. Manifestation can only occur within the created collective construct of time / space.


Before we progress, it is important to understand the difference between the terms reality and Actuality.


A reality is something (an event, circumstance etc.) which is created by one or more individuals within the construct of time / space. When one manifests, one is creating an integrative experiential time / space overlay. In other words, one is creating an established reality within their life and affairs. This created reality will then become a fully integrated part of the greater collective reality and can be directly experienced by all who intersect with that aspect of the established time / space construct.


There is only one Actuality. All else are realities. A reality can be changed, a reality can be dissolved or restructured, Actuality simply IS. Absolute Actuality is the state of being in which all aspects are unified. It is the state of being from which All is sourced and is in fact the truth of our existence. 


Here however, we speak of creating realities within your life and affairs and we leave the subject of Actuality for another discourse.



When one generates enough sustained Focus and Life Force toward a specific outcome, one is creating a reality which in effect "lays over" the collective reality and once fully established, integrates (interweaves) fully with all pre-existing realities.


The formula for manifestation is as follows:



Sustained Focused Intent + Sustained Life Force Application = Lasting Manifestation



The above equation is one of the greatest secrets in life. Manifestation is the "platform" upon which the experience we call life operates. In order to exist in any form other than as Absolute Actuality, manifestation is necessary.


Think of manifestation as the "engine which projects constant scenes (realities) on the screen of life - and you are the engine operator. Manifestation is an integral part of who and what we are and more importantly, it is a vital aspect of why we are.


The manifestation equation itself can easily be understood by almost everyone and everyone has the innate ability to manifest. Having said that however, understanding something and actually doing it successfully and consistently are two very different things.



Even though we all innately manifest continuously on a unconscious level, most individuals do not develop the capacity to powerfully and consciously manifest on a continuous, aware and self directed basis due to the following:


1) It can take many years of training and self discipline in order to learn how to consciously focus your intent for a prolonged amount of time without falling prey to distraction.


2) It can take just as long to develop the ability and capacity to generate and direct a powerful enough sustained amount of dedicated Life Force toward the object of your intent.



Even if you do put in the amount of time and effort needed to achieve these mental, emotional and physical feats - there will be instances when everyday life just gets in the way of your sustained focus and application of Life Force. Herein lies one of the secrets of why individuals many times fail when trying to manifest. Very few people can live everyday life and be "detached" enough from this life to sustain the needed focus and to direct the needed Life Force to accomplish the conscious (aware) manifestation of a goal. This "detachment" from everyday life is at least part of what was meant when it was suggested that we be in this life but not of it.


We are now at a time when the most advanced knowledge of the ancient world can be powerfully combined with modern day proprietary advancements in energetic science.


We at Protonic Creations have developed Instruments of Empowerment which can assist anyone to perform feats which previously only the most advanced individuals could accomplish.



Our Creations solve the problems which typically cause failure when one is attempting to manifest.



1) To begin with, the problem of maintaining sustained focused intent has been overcome due to the Energetic Infusion Encoding Process which our Creations undergo. One of the many things this energetic "programming" does is literally reads your intent and captures it. It is this unique feature which allows you to manifest using only a split second of focused intent. Once your intent is captured our instruments of power take over this process for you and work THROUGH you and the matrix of your life and affairs to empower you in every necessary way to manifest your desire.


2) Once your intent is "locked in" by our Creations, constant waves of dedicated Full Spectrum Life Force are directed toward your chosen goal. It is this unique Full Spectrum Life Force which literally feeds the establishment of your goal. We use the term "feeds" because you are in fact feeding a life, an aspect of life, a reality.


3) The time / space construct (the established collective reality) on this level of existence oscillates - moves - vibrates at a very slow rate compared to other "less dense" aspects of existence. *The greater the gravity of energetic density associated with a given structure the slower its vibratory rate. Therefore, manifestation on this level of life requires a measurement of duration (time) in order to express itself.  


Our instruments of empowerment cause ones energetic rate or signature to vibrate faster, to become less dense, less physical and more etheric in nature. This allows you to manifest faster, more powerfully and most importantly - consciously and purposefully. You truly begin to live IN this life without being OF this life as completely as you were before. Through this process, your birthright power returns to you exponentially with continued use. Never again will you be hindered by "spiritual blinders". This process becomes your path to metaphysical empowerment and liberation.


Protonic Creations allow you to powerfully focus your intent with laser type accuracy while literally powering your objective with unique Full Spectrum Life Force.


The road blocks to effective, lasting and empowering manifestation have been cleared. Conscious, purposeful, aware manifestation is now possible on a continuous basis. The power to create real change in ones life and affairs is finally within the reach of every person, not just a select few!




* [An example we have used to help our clients understand this concept is "the deeper your sleep, the slower your heart rate". Ones vibratory oscillation is directly related to ones consciousness. Our Creations elevate your level of consciousness! They literally "wake you up" from the shade of third dimensional focus. This will be discussed further in another discourse.]








How to create an Astral Assistant   



An Astral Assistant    is an "intelligent" energy which is created in order to carry out specific tasks. In and of itself, an Astral Assistant has no innate intelligence - very much like a computer program, an Astral Assistant can be "programmed" to function as needed. It gains a type of intelligence from its programming.


Unlike a computer program however, when creating an Astral Assistant, a psychic link is formed between you and your Astral Assistant. This is done so that your Astral Assistant can obtain additional instructions from you automatically. This occurs consciously, however to you, it will seem as a passing thought or a type of daydream of sorts. An Astral Assistant does not directly access your subconscious mind as what it requires is instruction and therefore must go through the conscious reasoning mind. If the subconscious mind's "data base" is needed, your Astral Assistant will obtain the needed information through your conscious mind.


Creating an Astral Assistant can be one of the most powerful and effective ways to accomplish goals. Any task of an etheric nature can be carried out by your Astral Assistant.



To create your Astral Assistant do the following:


Place your chosen Protonic Creation somewhere near your person. Close your eyes and be still. Sense the immense power being radiated from your Protonic Creation. Now, in your mind's eye, see a brilliant swirling sphere projected from your chosen Protonic Creation hovering before you. Look within the swirling sphere (much like gazing within a crystal ball) and see the scenario you wish to make happen. See it happening exactly as you wish it to be, in other words see your fulfilled desire occur within the energy sphere and know it to be a fact - know it to be a reality.


Now that you have programmed your energy sphere, it is time to create your Astral Assistant. This is done by projecting an image on the screen of your mind ... the image you project will be what your Astral Assistant will look like. Your Astral Assistant's characteristics will depend on its mission(s). Choose your Astral Assistant's form depending on what it is you wish it to fulfill. You can change its form at any time.


Now that you have a clear image of your Astral Assistant, see the programmed energy sphere you created hover over to your Astral Assistant and dissolve into its form. Once your programmed energy sphere has been totally absorbed, notice that the sphere's brilliant swirling light is now surrounding your Astral Assistant, much like an aura.


Your Astral Assistant is now imbued with your intent and with the power (derived from your chosen Protonic Creation) to carry out your wishes. Send it forth into the ether and it will work for you 24 hours a day, everyday, non-stop, until your command had been fulfilled.


* Recommended Protonic Creations for Astral Assistant formation are: The Psion Prime and The FSO Emitter. Individuals who do not wish to go through the process of Astral Assistant formation can obtain a Causal Chamber. The Causal Chamber is the only Protonic Creation with an energetically built in Astral Assistant, ready for use.   








Question and Answer area



The following is a sampling of some of the questions we have received from our clients, with their accompanying answers. We offer this section in order to provide further clarification in reference to our Creations.


The questions have been condensed in order to preserve our client's privacy.




Q) Can Protonic Creations be used to enhance my workouts?




A) Yes absolutely! Here's an example of howWhen you wish to send empowering energy to yourself (or someone else) the most effective method is to visualize that your etheric atmosphere (aura) is growing bigger and brighter while mentally directing energy from your Protonic Creations to yourself. Once the aura is energized in this fashion, you experience greatly enhanced supportive Life Force which contributes to all of your goals and endeavors!






Q) I have two questions. I would like to know how your FSO Emitter helps people improve their outlook. I would also like to know how the Psion Prime helps you overcome obstacles?




A) To answer your question, it would be helpful for you to think of everything (even thoughts and feelings) as energy. When someone feels limited or "caught", this is a good indication that they have, for lack of a better way of putting it, "stuck energy". This stuck energy can be either removed or dissolved. This is one of the things the FSO Emitter does. The FSO Emitter constantly releases extremely High Level Energies into your auric system which serves, among other things, to dislodge and dissolve energy blockages. Once these blockages are removed, your perspective widens. It is as if your mind's "eye" is uncovered and you are able to see the opportunities around you. When you are free of these energetic blockages, your outlook can improve greatly. This special outlook is what the most successful individuals possess! It is a state of mind which allows you to sense all possibilities and know that you can achieve whatever you chose to.


The Psion Prime works in a similar way yet on an even wider scale. The Psion Prime energetically dissolves what we at Protonic Creations call "obstacle energies". Obstacle energies are blockages as well. However, these particular blockages occur outside of your personal energy matrix. The Psion Prime is a very powerful and effective multi-functional instrument. Among many other things, it is helpful with eliminating energetic obstacles in your life!






Q) Can your devices be used for negative purposes?




A) To begin with, the term "devices" should be addressed. We label our instruments of empowerment as Creations because unlike any device or machine - our unique Creations become actual extensions of your etheric being. A machine or device can have multiple owners and there is no innate relationship between a machine and an owner. In contrast, a profound energetic bond is established between you and your chosen Protonic Creations. 


As far as usage of our Creations for non-constructive purposes is concerned, our Creations are neutral - as is everything else in existence. For example, a rock can be used as a hammer to build shelter, transportation in the form of boats etc., or that same rock can be used to strike another down. The rock itself is neutral - it is the user's intent which makes it constructive or non-constructive. 






Q) Can I shower while wearing my Protonic Creation?



A) Our Creations should not be used while showering or swimming, there is no need for this. You do not have to wear or carry them 24 hours a day. The effect our Creations have on the matrix of your personal energetic system is lasting and does not cease with distance. 






Q) Can the FSO Emitter or Psion Prime be used to power up my radionic box?



[Note: For those unfamiliar with radionic boxes, these devices have dials that are used to try to locate the energy of your goal. Once you think you have located your energy it is supposedly set. The problem with radionic boxes is that using them is cumbersome and clumsy at best.]  



A) You are correct, the FSO Emitter and the Psion Prime are incredible Etheric Power Sources and can be used to energize your radionic box. 


Quite frankly however, radionic boxes are not needed if you own a Protonic Creation.


All of our Creations contain specific Energetic Infusion Encoding which captures your intent automatically without the use of dials or other unnecessary props. Our Creations become a natural extension of your personal intent!






Q) Do I have to wear my FSO Emitter all the time?



A) No, there are times when it is not practical to wear or carry your FSO Emitter on your person. This will not diminish your empowerment in any way. Our Creations become energetic extensions of your being. This makes using them remotely (from a distance) as efficient as using them when they are near your person!










Notice: The information on this website is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by ProtonicCreations.com. All material and products presented and made available on this website are solely intended for purposes of spiritual and metaphysical information and research. ProtonicCreations.com assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear on this website. No health related or therapeutic claims are made or implied on this website. The products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Always seek the advice of a qualified licensed medical professional. Protonic Creations are meant to become energetic extensions of your etheric being and respond to your focused intent. They bond with you on the deepest energetic levels and fully integrate into the fabric of your life. Due to the unique energetic nature of our Creations, returns, exchanges and refunds are not possible. Use of the information and products made avaliable on this website are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. ProtonicCreations.com assumes no responsibility or liability for any losses or damages of any kind or nature arising from or in connection with the use of the information or products made available by ProtonicCreations.com.








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