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A New World of Energetic Empowerment!


Energetic Elixirs for Your Spirit and Soul








Water, it is so fundamentally vital to our existence, so profoundly a part of us that its power is almost taken for granted by the majority of the population. It is a little known fact that water is the physical equivalent to the non physical Life Force which is the underlying energy supporting all of existence. 


Water is much more valuable than gold or platinum. Water is in fact, the most valuable, the most important element in our life.


When properly treated, water has a tremendous capacity to not only retain but to radiate and transmit information, energies and vibrational frequencies. If accessed, there  are "layers upon layers" within water's matrix structure that allow it to absorb, hold and powerfully project energetic data.


The molecules in water are constantly in motion. Water molecules take action relative to each other. This is why water is flexible and fluid and does not retain its shape. Water retains its volume however via intermolecular forces. We use these intermolecular forces and the very nature of water itself to create Protonic Elixirs which empower and liberate!


Protonic Elixirs are subjected to a completely distinct set of procedures producing a unique and superior result. Our elixirs are energetically super concentrated and incredibly easy to use. Protonic Elixirs are not orally consumed – instead absorption occurs via energetic transference for complete etheric assimilation!



Central to the creation of Protonic Elixirs is our proprietary Energetic Infusion Encoding Process  Our Infusion Encoding Process imbues our elixirs with specific vibrational information. The water used to create our Protonic Elixirs undergoes an array of energetic treatments which converts it to what we have termed The Omicron State. The Omicron State is a state in which the energetic nature of water is fully unfolded. The word "energized" does not even begin to describe Omicron State Water! 



It is only when the water utilized reaches the Omicron State that we begin to subject it to our proprietary Energetic Infusion Encoding Process. This special combination of treatments produce radically phenomenal energetic elixirs.


Protonic Elixirs facilitate immense fortification of your energy field resulting in tremendous metaphysical effects! Each elixir vessel acts like an energy cell or “etheric battery” powerfully radiating the precise empowerment it was created to impart.



Protonic Elixirs are quite simply in a class of their own!



Each Protonic Elixir vessel is compact and made to be used privately without anyone being aware what you are doing. Protonic Elixirs are compact enough to conveniently fit in the palm of your hand for easy use.


The Protonic Elixirs line of creations is completely energy based using vastly energetically enhanced Omicron State Water and specific treatment via our Infusion Encoding Process. Our elixirs utilize distinct energy pathways within your auric system enabling specialized results for your spirit and soul.



Protonic Elixirs represent a New World in Energetic Empowerment!


Each Protonic Elixir effectively activates and energizes your life field and bestows ever-increasing empowerment of a specific nature depending on the particular Protonic Elixir used.


Easy to follow instructions fully explain usage protocol, when to replenish your elixirs and other important details.


Take time now to look through our exclusive line of Protonic Elixirs by scrolling down this page. We are confident you will find a Protonic Elixir just right for your spiritual and metaphysical needs.



Come back often as we will be adding new, unique Protonic Elixirs to our inventory!









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Aura Magnitude




The human aura - most people have heard of it but few truly understand what it is. Your aura is in essence, your energetic self. It is what most call the mind - not to be confused with your brain. Your aura is an aspect of your personal life matrix; as such, it can be thought of as your "energetic template" - what is impressed upon your aura will eventually affect your life. The trick is in finding a way to effectively create an impression upon your aura. Aura Magnitude does just that and a great deal more!


By vastly increasing your aura's energy you will benefit in numerous ways!


Just some of the ways you can benefit are:



  • Extremely High Self Esteem - when your energy is up, you can't help but automatically be confident!


  • Greater Sense of Peace


  • Holistic World View


  • Increased Personal Energy Field


  • Incredible Sense of Contentment


  • Greater Incentive to Accomplish Daily Tasks and Clearly Plan and Execute Long Term Goals


  • More Balanced Energy in Your Life


  • Assists in Dissolving Negative Energetic Patterns 


  • Increase your "Stage Presence" for meetings and public speaking engagements. Make your presence felt the moment you enter a room! Be remembered / make an impact!


  • Aura Magnitude has proven to be of tremendous benefit for those seeking companionship! There is nothing more attractive than a highly charged person! A radiant aura attracts people like a magnet!


  • Release Stagnant Energetic Blockages in Your Auric Field



Get Aura Magnitude and begin super charging your life today!




4 for $119.60 ($40 Savings)


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Etheric Emmanations



Increase your ability to sense, control and interact with etheric emmanations in your environment!


Have you ever been in a social setting (business meeting, date or get-together) and wished you had a better idea of how people around you were feeling about you?


Were you ever involved in a "deal breaker" and really needed more than just a gut feeling about the situation to help you come out on top?


Have you ever been in a situation where having an "innate feeling" would have allowed you to avoid trouble?


Etheric Emmanations are everywhere. We live in a "sea"of etheric emmanations. Most people however live their lives without ever becoming sensitive enough to experience authentic interaction with these emmanations.


People, places and objects everywhere vibrate at different rates. Our Etheric Emmanations Protonic Elixir allows you to tune into those specific energetic rates in order to gain authentic insight and knowledge!


We immediately realized the incredible potential for success in the business world the Etheric Emmanations elixir could bestow - gaining the upper hand business meetings, face to face sales etc. - but there are countless other ways the Etheric Emmanations elixir can benefit you.


The Etheric Emmanations Protonic Elixir can give you a true edge advantage in any situation!


In essence, our Etheric Emanations elixir grants you super enhanced energetic sensitivity allowing you to tune into people's true feelings about a situation - this knowledge is what gives you such an incredible edge.


Give yourself the gift of vastly increased energetic sensitivity, new etheric knowledge and control!


The ability to tune into particular etheric emmanations is just the first phase of energetic benefits our Etheric Emmanations elixir bestows ... over time, you will not only have the ability to sense emmanations from people and places - you will actually Gain the Power to Control those emmanations so that people and events begin to sway in your favor! This will occur naturally, automatically and without any additional effort on your part.


Gain a true edge advantage in your business and personal life today with the Etheric Emmanations Protonic Elixir!




4 for $119.60 ($40 Savings)


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Spiritual Access


It has been established throughout the ages that a constant "link" is needed in order to obtain true levels of spiritual development and growth. This link or spiritual access is the key to the maintenance of authentic spiritual remembrance.


What is it that makes a Sage metaphysically advanced? What makes a Shaman or Great Teacher holy? Where does Divine Inspiration come from? How are Masters guided to Truth?


The answer to the above questions is Spiritual Access!


Spiritual Access to the Infinite - the ability to tap into the All That IS Consciousness. Some refer to this Universal Consciousness by other names, nevertheless, it is access to this "First Cause" Consciousness that has granted the Greatest Spiritual Masters - absolute truth, divine inspiration and guidance as well as spiritual revelations unknown by the majority of humanity.


Spiritual Access is an extremely unique, highly vibrational Protonic Elixir. Its energetic rate  is truly profound. There is simply no other substance with a higher vibrational quality!


With the Spiritual Access elixir, the user's spiritual self becomes activated and a gradual unfoldment occurs. What were once "hunches" will become divine directives - eventually, the user achieves an existence of KNOWING instead of fear based guessing that produces a confidence of living which only access to authentic truth can instill in your being!


This however is only the beginning! Of course every person will unfold differently but in general - prophetic dreams, remarkable coincidences, synchronistic events, profound inspiration and a tangible sensation of being guided by the Highest Forces are all quite common.


If you have ever wanted to know why things are the way they are in life - if you have ever desired a union with The Divine and experience a spiritual growth beyond description - The Spiritual Access Protonic Elixir is your best choice!


Now, you have the opportunity to attain access to the one source where all answers are ever present - your own Inner Source.


The Spiritual Access Protonic Elixir will grant you entry to the one state of consciousness all true spiritual masters have attained - The Kingdom Within!




4 for $119.60 ($40 Savings)


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Soul Body Purifier



Cleanse, renew, refresh, rebalance your etheric body! The Soul Body Purifier Protonic Elixir works like an astral cleanser to detoxify your energetic body from "dark spots" that bring your energy down and clog the flow of your vital life force.


As a society, we worry about clogged arteries and healthy blood flow yet we seldom stop to consider the effects of what we at Protonic Creations call "psychic sludge" - which is the accumulation of dark or negative energies acquired at the work place, during your daily commute as well as countless other places, which clog your vital energy and cause you to operate on a lower level of existence.


In the past, these negative energies were called "curses" and although curses do not work the way they are shown in movies - they nevertheless are quite real and can affect you negatively.


It is important to detoxify your etheric body frequently in order to prevent negative energy build up. Whether you are aware of it or not, negative energy can be sent your way. You can become the recipient  of an influx of negative energy while doing something as mundane as driving to and from work or walking down the street.


Angry thoughts can carry energy - anyone who directs this type of thought energy toward you  (whether or not you are aware they are doing it) is in fact cursing you with negativity which energetically clogs your vital life force flow and feeds on your essence.


Now, with the Soul Body Purifier Protonic Elixir you can easily and powerfully cleanse, renew, refresh, detoxify and rebalance your vital etheric body daily!




4 for $119.60 ($40 Savings)


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What is abundance? What is love? What is success? What is peace of mind? What is happiness and fulfillment? What is companionship?


The root cause of all these things is EXPANSION!


Expansion of self - mind / soul / spirit - complete expansion of every aspect of your being.


Think back for a moment ... think about your happiest moments, your greatest success, your true love ... what do you remember feeling?


We can tell you that what you were feeling was an incredible sense of Expansion!


A feeling that no matter what - life is good! A feeling of being and having more than ever before!


Great experiences like the attainment of a true success, falling in love with your soul mate or achieving financial abundance - opens special energetic pathways within your innermost self. Conversely, those same expansive pathways can be opened and accessed via the energetic stimulation contained within our Expansion Protonic Elixir!


Once these pathways are opened, expansive experiences begin to gravitate into your life! Things which you may have previously only desired actually begin to occur in your life and any existing expansive experiences in your life increase!


Day by day you will find your life becoming more and more what you desire it to be. Our Expansion Protonic Elixir is a wonderful creation that benefits you metaphysically as well as with matters of everyday life.


Begin your journey of authentic multi-dimensional expansion today!




4 for $119.60 ($40 Savings)


For purchases outside the USA, please do not use the shopping cart.
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Manifestation Nebula



Years in the perfecting, The Manifestation Nebula Elixir creates a localized energetic "cloud" around you within which incredible feats of manifestation can be achieved! 


The Nebulaic Field formed around you with this Protonic Elixir projects extra dimensional waves which are imprinted with your specific ultra energized thoughtforms.  


The Manifestation Nebula elixir allows for natural, organic manifestation via your personal energy field!


Once used as recommended, Manifestation Nebula begins a series of chain reactions within your energetic structure - greatly reinforcing your energetic structure, then building on it. Each step of the way creating a multiplied effect resulting in a contained, stable energetic nebula around your etheric body which operates specifically for purposes of manifestation.


The rare energy field created by Manifestation Nebula allows for on demand action - therefore the "psychic matter" needed for manifestation is automatically produced and set forth appropriately into the matrix of your life releasing the equivalent of a "fully germinated energetic seed" (thoughtform) complete with a super growth effect (Full Spectrum Orgone Enhancement) - producing powerful manifestation per your desires.


Manifestation Nebula is a profoundly empowering energetic elixir!


What do you want out of life?


What type of life do you want to create for yourself and your loved ones?


Are you ready for serious changes in your life?


Do you want to experience the feeling of POWER you get when you know that you can achieve what you desire most?


Those who have used Manifestation Nebula in conjunction with their other Protonic Creations have experienced absolutely incredible results.


Used in conjunction with your other Protonic Creations or used alone -The Manifestation Nebula elixir will make you into a true force of power!


Begin making massive changes in your life with The Manifestation Nebula Protonic Elixir! Experience the freedom and power for yourself!




4 for $119.60 ($40 Savings)


For purchases outside the USA, please do not use the shopping cart.
Email desired items to
info@protoniccreations.com for an invoice.





Psion Prime




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