Empower Your Life with Energetically Encoded Orgone Based Creations! Utilize Full Spectrum Orgone 

 Energy and Attain the Missing Link in the Manifestation of Your Goals! Shatter Limitations and

Gain Control of Your Circumstances! Master the Power of Vibrational Energetics!

Achieve the Ultimate in Personal Empowerment!



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Welcome to the world of Revolutionary Personal Power Creations! 



Have you ever had a day when circumstances were in your favor? ... when you felt protected and strong? ... when you knew you could accomplish anything and nothing could stop you? ... when you felt dynamically energized and filled with vitality? ... when aspects of your True Self began to unfold and your path became clear?


Now, you can experience a day like this every day!


Our Full Spectrum Energetic Creations enable you to become a Force of Power within your life!  Shatter limitations and transform obstacles into the solutions you want them to become!  Gain control of your circumstances and usher forth new empowering realities into your life and affairs!  BECOME the person you know you truly are!


We are dedicated to offering the most advanced, unique and empowering energetically based tools and resources anywhere.


Our energetic creations and proprietary formulations are developed with compact flexibility in mind. No longer will you be limited by external circumstances or environmental influences.


Protonic Creations provide you with the Vital Energy (Orgone Energy / Life Force) and Energetic Encoding (Etheric Information) you need to succeed.


The basis for everything in existence is an intricate blending of energy and information. In order to succeed, accomplish or achieve any goal, this special "blend" is needed.


Protonic Creations engulf you and your entire life matrix with powerful energetic influences - based on your specific intent - because of this, external influences such as astrological energies become unnecessary. This gives you incredible power! Astrological energies are no longer a factor! Moon phases and planetary positioning will no longer be relevant to you as you enjoy true empowerment in your own Localized Energetic Life Field.


Freedom will be yours as you operate within your Personal Energetic Universe - established completely for your specific purposes. All this without anyone being aware of what you are doing!


Now, stop for a moment and contemplate the following:


What is manifestation of goals and desires? What is self improvement? What is life management? What is true empowerment? What exactly are these things?


You'll read about these terms in books and websites everywhere but in order to truly achieve them - in order to authentically live out your life according to your deepest wishes - you will require much more than self help books or prepackaged, mass produced so called "magickal products" shipped to you from a warehouse.


Simple self help books, websites and prepackaged, mass produced products don't work. If they did you would not have continued your search which led you here.


Here are the facts:


Everything in existence is ultimately composed of that which is vibrational in nature. There is a causative factor behind all effects in life. This also applies to concepts such as success, control of your life, empowerment and manifestation of desires. When given shape through focused thoughts, abstract concepts become thoughtforms in the astral world. 


A thoughtform is a non physical reality, which when provided with specifically encoded continuous Life Force, gains vibratory density and materializes in your life. A fully materialized thoughtform is the fulfillment of a goal / desire.


Utilizing the necessary Vital Energy (Orgone Energy / Life Force), combined with specific Etheric Informationyou can convert normally abstract concepts such as success or self- improvement, effectively solidifying them so that they materialize in your life per your intent.


Our unique creations allow you to shape energies and increase their vibrational density so that you can mold your life and affairs according to your wishes!


Thoughtforms which lack the necessary Full Spectrum Vital Energy (Full Spectrum Orgone Energy) don't gain vibratory density (or don't retain it for any length of time) and can not materialize. However, with the proper Encoded Vital Energy, your thoughtforms increase in density and complexity and fully integrate into the fabric of your life.


Everything everywhere is in a state of vibration. Existence in third dimensional reality, where we presently consciously reside, vibrates at a slower rate, therefore third dimensional reality is more vibrationally dense.


When dealing with aspects of an etheric nature (aspects which vibrate at an incredibly fast or high rate) it is important that the necessary energetic environment and structures are made use of.  


Converting etheric energies to third dimensional reality can be thought of like creating an opening through a wall in order to allow a flow from one vibratory level (or dimension) to another.


The energy required to create this kind of dimensional rift needs to be highly refined and precise! It is the vibrational quality of the energy used that makes the difference.


With an instrument of power which acts much like an etheric laser, you could easily create an opening or bridge which would allow for the controlled flow of energies from one dimension to another. Our Protonic Creations function exactly in this way. They are in effect, intent driven energetic lasers empowering you to convert etheric energies into third dimensional realities.


Protonic Creations are full spectrum energetic instruments containing specific etheric programming. This is what gets the job done and provides you with real and lasting success with your endeavors!


An energetic secret:


When you experience any strong emotion, especially emotions which are fear based (worry, anxiety, anger, confusion, resentment, jealously) you fall into a type of unconscious focused thought state of mind which sets up an energy signature within your auric field. This energy signature can either be constructive or destructive depending on the nature of the thoughts/emotions which sponsored it.


When the above mentioned energy signature is of a destructive nature and when during the ensuing days/weeks/months/years - you add additional destructive energy signatures to your auric field, the basic structure of your auric field begins to change.


This "change" is the cause of the majority of the problematic situations in your life. In this way, without actually meaning to, you can become your own worst enemy.


Your auric field is capable of being both an attractor as well as a radiator of energies.Therefore, with the proper Specialized Etheric Information and Full Spectrum Orgone Energy, you can consciously attract as well as create energy signatures within your auric field which will ONLY empower you! At the same time, you will automatically be cleansing and dissolving your aura of all destructive energies which you may have unconsciously attracted or which were transmitted to you by another via psychic attack.


Our Energetic Creations not only protect and cleanse your vital aura from all destructive energies, they profoundly empower your ability to be the architect of you life!






We provide life enhancing tools for empowerment that are unlike anything else anywhere and the results speak for themselves!


Electro-energize your chakra centers and amplify your psychic ability using our unique full spectrum orgone energy creations and energetically based tools and resources! 


Attain the missing link in the manifestation of your goals!


Etherically program yourself for success!


Your search is over!




With our Creations, you can: 



    Manifest your Needs / Wants / Desires / Goals


    Strengthen and Empower Your Personal Energy Atmosphere


    Powerfully Attract People into Your Life


    Create Effective and Lasting Thoughtforms


    Improve Your Outlook on Life                                                           


    Create and Permanently Maintain Impenetrable Energetic 
       "Shields" for Purposes of Psychic Protection / Defense


    Neutralize Negative Fields Produced by Aura Draining 

    Amplify and Extend Your Inherent Psychic Ability  


    Manipulate the Awesome Life Force (Orgone Energy) at Will      


    Achieve Deep States of Meditation and Relaxation


    Vibrationally Enhance Your Workouts


    Develop Life Affirming Energy and Spiritual Vitality


    Gain Greater Control Over Yourself and Eliminate Bad Habits


    Become Empowered and Gain The Edge In Life


    Create an Orgone Energy Life Field of Success and Prosperity


    Make Things Happen in Your Life the Way You Want Them to Happen












Our clients are constantly writing us with their success stories! You too can reach new and higher levels of empowerment and fully explore worlds which are unknown by most!


Protonic Creations is your Best Source for personal empowerment! You will not find prepackaged "off the shelf products" here.  Every one of our Creations is expertly handcrafted and made to order!





Come back often and visit our ever growing Learn More section. It is a valuable and important information resource. brings you the most effective and powerful means for rapid and permanent manifestation of goals and desires. Make things happen in your life the way you want them to happen!


Our Creations feature our proprietary Full Spectrum Orgone (FSO) Energy Generating Formulation - Energetic Infusion Encoding Process and our exclusive Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process. They operate through the energetic mechanism we have termed SEOR (Simultaneous Energetic Occurrence via Resonance).  


The ability to reshape your life is now in your hands. What was once wishful thinking can become your reality!


Powerfully boost any desire fulfilling or self improvement method and take it to its successful conclusion with the use of our Protonic Creations.


No matter what your belief system - no matter where you are on your life's journey, our Protonic Creations will make a difference for you!


This site will continue to expand. We invite you to return regularly for more empowering Creations and unique information! In the meantime, use the hyperlinks at the top and bottom of each page to browse our exclusive line of Energetic Creations ... explore and enjoy!


Should you have any questions, feel free to email us anytime!




Protonic Creations

Helping You Achieve the Ultimate in Personal Empowerment!   











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